Research of GI Malignancies

המעבדה לחקר ממאירויות מערכת העיכול
Head of the lab:
Prof. Baruch Brenner
Lab Manager:
Zoya Cohen (PhD)
Research team:
    חוקרת בכירה: הדר ברנד (M.Sc.)    
Research Areas:

The lab, which is being activated now, will engage in translational research of various gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies. The lab's research plan will focus on three types of activities: translational support of clinical investigational projects, independent basic-translational investigational projects, and collaboration with leading labs in specific research fields (DNA repair, apoptosis, methylation, microbiome, immunotherapy, and others).

In the near future the lab shall focus on a number of research projects:

1.      The EGFR pathway and impact of various anti-cancer therapies.

2.      The role of the microbiome in the development of GI cancers and its influence on the effectiveness of anticancer therapies.

3.      Characterization of the immune profile in healthy tissues and cancer susceptibility and the correlation between the immune score in tumors and the response to treatment and prognosis.

4.      Epigenetic changes and the development of cancer.

5.      In vitro and in vivo models for the development of novel therapeutic strategies such as the simultaneous administration of EGFR inhibitors and checkpoint inhibitors, and the use of multimodality treatments to overcome immune resistance in MSI-S tumors.


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