Our equipment

The FMRC inter-departmental equipment unit The FMRC inter-departmental equipment unit is spread throughout different labs in the building whoever most of the equipment is located in the central inter-departmental equipment lab.

This Unit contains modern, state-of-the-art equipment which attends the necessities of the researchers and students in the building. Our inter-departmental equipment unit includes: fluorescent microscopes, a confocal microscope, a flow cytometer (with the ability to read 10 fluorescent colors in parallel), a cell sorter, a Nanosight instrument and an ultracentrifuge (for characterizing nanoparticles), real-time PCR apparatuses, a NanoDrop spectrophotometer, an ELISA, a fluorescence and a luminescence plate reader. The inter-departmental equipment unit is responsible for purchasing, authorizing and implementing all inter-departmental equipment. In addition, this Unit provides access and guidance to all researchers and students and assists with the day to day use of the equipment and with the interpretation of resulting data enabling the scientific staff of the building to perform high quality research.

Since 2012 the Head of the FMRC inter-departmental equipment unit has been Dr. Ido Lubin. Dr. Lubin acquired his PhD degree at The Weismann Institute of Science. Dr. Lubin has vast experience in biotech companies in areas including immunology, animal models, developing bioassays and basic science research.

Dr. Lubin's unique skills and experience contribute to the ongoing advancements of scientific research in FMRC.

Vered Grosman
Administrative Director


Room Equipment Company model
129 Parafin embedding Leica EG1160
110 Cryostat Leica CM1850
110 Microtome Leica RM2145
229 Fluorecent Microscope Olympus BX52
229 Inverted Fluorecent Microscope Olymus IX73
229 Apotome Fluorecent Microscope Zeiss AxioImager Z2
216 Imaging System Azure Biosystem C200
203 Luminator Berthold Centro XS LB 960
203 ELISA Reader BioTek Epoch
203 Spectrophotometer Nanodrop  ND1000
203 Analysis Station    
203 Imaging System Li-Cor Odyssey
203 RealTime PCR AB StepOne Plus
203 RealTime PCR AB StepOne Plus
203 Fluorimeter BioTek Synergy HT
203 Cryotome Thermo SME
203 Imaging System Invitrogen iBright FL1000
203   Malvern Panlytical Nanosight NS300
203 Flow Cytometer BC Gallios
317 Ultra Centrifuge BC Optima XE-90