Translational Research in Head and Neck Cancer

המעבדה לחקר גידולי ראש צוואר ובסיס גולגולת
Head of the lab:
Prof. Gideon Bachar M.D. And Dr Aviram Mizrachi M.D,
Lab Manager:
Dr. Avraham Dayan, PhD
Phone: 972-3-9376625
    דר' נסרין שריף (DMD)    
Research Areas:

The Center for translational research in head and neck cancer and skull-base tumors at Rabin Medical Center, which is a leading center in these fields at the national level, aims to promote the treatment and improve the quality of life of patients through basic and translational research.

The laboratory practices a "personalized medicine" approach that includes genetic characterization of tumors and optimization of treatment, while reducing side effects.

The laboratory has a tissue biobank, which is the basis for performing studies both in tissue cultures as well as animal models in order to understand the genetics and biology of these tumors and their resistance mechanisms to radiation and chemotherapy. Furthermore, we explore different strategies to overcome these mechanisms and try to develop new therapeutic approaches with the potential to advance to clinical trials. In addition, we conducted studies to explore the role of the immune system in head and neck and skull base tumors by integrating immunotherapy.

Another aspect of research in the lab is the mechanism of treatment-related side effects and their long-term implications in cancer survivors, including radiation and chemotherapy. We aim is to develop methods for preventing or reducing these phenomena and improve patients' quality of life.

The laboratory is located at the Feldstein Medical Research Center and operates in conjunction with the Head and Neck Oncology Unit at the Davidoff Cancer Center.

The leading research projects in the lab are:

  1. Overcoming acquired resistance to PI3K inhibitors in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
  2. Activation and inhibition of the opiates receptor and the effect on response to treatment in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
  3. Radiation induced salivary gland injury; understanding the mechanism and exploring ways to mitigate the effect. 
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Abraham Dayan
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