Pediatric Hemato-Oncology research

המעבדה לחקר מחלות המטו-אונקולוגיות בילדים
Head of the lab:
Prof. Shai Izraeli
Phone: 052-6666360
Lab Manager:
Dr. Yehudit Birger
Phone: 054-7778601
Research team:
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Research Areas:

The pediatric hemato-oncology research lab is focused on hematologic diseases, blood cell disorders and blood cancer. Both the research lab and the Hemato-Oncology department in Schneider Children's Hospital are headed by Prof. Shai Izraeli, this proximity allows unique interaction – from bad to bench and back to the clinic. 

We are studying the fundamental question of hematological malignancies; how normalblood development is disturbed? What are the genetic and biochemical abnormalities that block cell differentiation, enhance proliferation and survival and confer the unique stem cell properties of self-renewal to leukemic cells?

We focus on the pathogenesis of childhood hematological malignancies in a verity of topics.  The molecular mechanisms leading to the development of early pre-B-cell and early T cell malignancies, the mutations evolution of pediatric AML development and relapse in attempts  to identify biomarkers for residual disease and the involvement of the CNS in leukemia.

In our studies, we use transformation of primary human and mouse stem cells, mouse models including transgenic, transplantation and explants of humanleukemia. We harness advanced molecular and cellular biology technologies utilizing in-vitro and in-vivo models with the ultimate goal of improving the care of children.

Contact details
Birgir Diti Mobile: 054-7778601
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