Nutrition and Metabolism Research

המעבדה לחקר מטבוליזם ותזונה
Head of the lab:
Pierre Singer M.D., Pnina Green, M.D., Ph.D.
Lab Manager:
Dr. Ronit Mesilati-Stahy, PhD
Phone: 03-9376521
Research team:
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Research Areas:

Research Topics

  1. Energy expenditure in hospitalized, elderly and critically ill patients. TICACOS study international
  2. Fish oil use in trauma patients, and in critically ill patients. 
  3. Study of membrane fatty acids. The lab has been specialized in fatty acid membrane composition and has investigated the composition in various conditions, such as cancer, trauma, geriatrics, psychiatry and healthy volunteers.
  4. Supplemental  parenteral nutrition enriched in EPA and DHA in critically ill patients.
  5. Use of high protein enteral feeding with cycle ergometry for weaning patients from mechanical ventilation.
  6. Basic research on the roles of long chain PUFAs in neural development and differentiation.
  7. Omega 3 supplementation and Psychometric outcome

 Supervision of students

Medical Doctors: Elazar Moskovici: TICACOS International study

Moran Helerman: Metabolic modifications during acute renal failure,

Validation of a portable Fluorometer for rapid diagnosis of sepsis measuring   CD 64   


Contact details
Ronit Mesilati
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