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המעבדה לחקר העין
Head of the lab:
Prof. Dov weinberger
Lab Manager:
Tami Livnat' PhD
Phone: 972-3-9376742
Research team:
    חוקרת בכירה: יעל נשגב M.Sc.    
    פרופ' אירית בכר MD -מנהלת מערך עיניים רבין .    
    פרופ' הדס קליש MD- מנהלת יחידת נוירואופטלמולוגיה מערך עיניים רבין.    
    פרופ' מיכל קרמר MD- מנהלת שרות אוביאיטיס, מערך עיניים רבין.    
    רופאי ומתמחי מערך עיינים רבין.    
    סטודנטית לתואר שלישי: מור דחבש    
Research Areas:

Our unique research group aims to study physiological and pathological processes in the eye, and to establish new approaches for treatment of ocular pathologies. We focus on ocular pathologies involving bleeding, impairment of blood retina barriers and growth of pathological blood vessels. The laboratory composes of a few study groups that focus on different compartments of the eye; e.g. retina, cornea, optic nerve etc.

Aiming to study choroidal neovascularization (CNV), we established a modification of the common method of CNV induction in animal models.  Using an animal-based models, we are trying to expand our knowledge of CNV etiology and find a new therapeutic approach. We found a tight and reciprocal interactions between coagulation and inflammation. We have recently found that intraocular injection of coagulation inhibitor Activated Protein C (APC) significantly inhibited CNV formation and holds therapeutic potential. We demonstrated for the first time the existence of NETosis in cytokine-induced ocular inflammation in a mouse model and human samples.  Using chemical burn-induced neovascularization in a rat or rabbit models we established an effective treatment for corneal neovascularization that warrants further study for potential use in humans. The neuro-ophthalmology section of our lab focuses on neuroimmunology, demyelinating disease progression, and basic research using murine model of experimental encephalomyelitis.

We are studying the involvement of the innate immune system and inflammatory cytokine in the modulation of acute and chronic uveitis. Currently we are establishing the model of Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis in mice (EAU), and research new therapeutic modalities in this model.

Contact details
Livnat Tami Lab Phone: 03-5302104
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