Clinical Neuroscience

המעבדה לנוירוביולוגיה קלינית
Head of the lab:
Dr. Felix Benninger, M.D.
Lab Manager:
Dr. Alexey Vanichkin, PhD
Phone: 054-5875578
Research team:
    מנהל מחלקת נוירולוגיה : פרופ' איתן אוריאל MD PhD    
    פוסט דוקטורנט : ד"ר עודד שור PhD    
    חוקר אורח : ד"ר ניר הרש MD    
Research Areas:

Our laboratory is interested in the development (genesis) and the patho-physiology of neurological disorders. We are highly translational and are trying to find solutions starting with real-life clinical problems with our methodology in the laboratory. Besides general neurology, we are focusing on the development of epilepsy (epileptogenesis) and the possibility to find a preventive treatment for patients about to develop epilepsy instead of treating, as today, the symptoms: epileptic seizures.

Our methods in the laboratory include electroencephalogram EEG in living and freely moving rodents as well as video-EEG recordings. Hereby, seizures can be detected, and quantified, and possible preventive treatment assessed. Furthermore, we are using human EEG in a highly computational analysis developed by Dr. Oded Shor to separate patient groups (dementia, depression, schizophrenia and patients with epilepsy) by using a short EEG recording. Our goal here is to predict diseases using brain signature of the EEG even before symptom onset. In collaboration with the genetics department at Rabin Medical Center, we are using protein modelling and normal-mode-analysis (NMA) to re-classify possible single nucleotide mutations previously not known to have a physiological impact. This is done by a method created by our post-doc Dr. Oded Shor and includes the use of in-silico protein dynamics with entropy quantification to compare different proteins. We are a very fluid group and open for new projects and very much appreciate our close collaboration with the team of Prof. Daniel Offen at the same institute. Our strengths lies in the ability to be close to patients problems through clinics and ward rounds as well as having highly qualified mathematical and computational knowledge.



Benninger AP2M1 Mutation2

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Pilo induction

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